Lash Extensions

Discover the Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of hair expertly attached to each individual eyelash with a special medical grade adhesive. They are applied to the eyelash itself and are never in direct contact with your skin. Eyelashes are made of mink and are available in a range in thickness, length and curl shape.

Full Set 

  • Classic Mink (60 lashes per eye) $100
  • Glamorous Mink (80 lashes per eye) $125
  • Voluminous Mink (100 lashes per eye) $150

*Refills can be done up to 24 days after your lash application, anything over 24 days will be considered a full set and charged based on the prices above.

  • Classic Refill $70
  • Glamorous Refill $80
  • Voluminous Refill $90

Lash Lift

  • A semi-permanent treatment that aims to curl your lashes upward so you can ditch the eyelash curler. Lasts approximately 4 weeks.
  • Lash Lift $80
  • Lift and Tint package (Lash Lift w/ Brow Tint and Wax): $110

Strip Lashes

  • Lash Out Loud Lashes and Application $10
  • Application Only (BYOL) $7

Eyelash Removal

  • Lash application removal $30
  • From another location $40

Lash Out Loud Membership

Become a Lash Out Loud member and receive discounts on both Full Sets and Refills. Our Lash Out Loud membership includes one Full Set and two refills. Once you have completed the first 3 appointments, you have the option to renew your membership which includes three refills and a lash removal. Membership fee is due in full at first appointment.

  • Classic Membership: $200
  • Glamorous Membership: $230
  • Voluminous Membership: $260

Full Set:

  • Classic Mink (60 lashes) $85
  • Glamorous Mink (80 lashes) $95
  • Voluminous Mink (100 lashes) $105


Refills will be charged an extra $10 if refill is done on or after the 21st day from the original appointment.

  • Classic Mink $45
  • Glamorous $55
  • Voluminous $65
  • Lash Removal $25

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